GrabOpener is the creation of Mark Manger, an Applied Artist from Denver, Colorado.  Inspired by the stick & screw openers Mark encountered in Africa in the 1990′s, the GrabOpener uses the same leverage principle, but in a form that allows a bottle to be opened through the act of grabbing it.

What Makes the GrabOpener Special?

It is unique that this tool uses motion and force from the act of grabbing the bottle to also remove the cap.  But, it is special because its universal design accommodates amputees, stroke victims and others who may only have full use of one hand.

All You Need is a Firm Grip

This device does not require a lot of strength, but a firm grip is necessary.  It's not a helpful tool for grandma’s arthritis or for a kindergartner.  Think a firm, but not crushing, handshake.

Made in the USA

Proudly made from aluminum extruded in Utah, then cut and crafted in independently owned workshops in the Denver, Colorado and Missoula, Montana.