Southgate Mall Security

Assistant Security Director

Jobs Description

Serve as an ambassador to Mall guests, patrol both interior and exterior portions of the mall to provide a safe pleasant shopping experience for mall guests. Supervise security officers, ensuring proper procedures are followed.

Areas of Responsibility

Patrol the mall to deter crime, detect issues, provide assistance, notify appropriate agencies for corrective actions, patrol the parking lot via bicycle, vehicle patrols and foot patrols, observe and report incidents, enforce mall code of conduct. Provide supervision for security staff ensuring the above is accomplished per established procedures, report to security director.

Education / Experience Requirements

Minimum 18 years of age, possess a valid drivers license, with a clean driving record. Pass extensive background test and drug test. Requires at least 1 yr security experience.

How to Apply

Access the AUS website, click on careers, search for Missoula, click on open job, click on APPLY, follow on screen directions.