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Maintenance Technician

Jobs Description

Maintenance Technician for Southgate Mall Management Team

Areas of Responsibility

  • Reports need for major repairs to Area Director, Operations Director, or Operations Supervisor
  • Parking Lot, Roadway and Sidewalk Maintenance: Cleans and repairs including patching pot holes, repairing sidewalk cracks, painting lot stripes, arrows and other markings
  • Snow & Ice Removal: Performs removal, reports and participates in all snow removal efforts as directed 
  • Electrical:  Minor electrical system maintenance and repair, replaces burnt out lights and ballasts, replace electrical fuses.
  • Promotional Materials & Holiday Decorations: Assembles, disassembles and stores 
  • Mechanical: Cycles trash compactors for safety checks, changes oil in light machinery or small engines and cleans equipment and performs preventive maintenance of equipment
  • Structural: Repairs interior and exterior doors, walls and ceiling as needed, paint surfaces as directed
  • Tenant Service: Responds to tenant concerns such as roof leaks, plumbing leaks, and electrical issues. fixing minor issues 
  • Event Set Up: Performs set ups for events as instructed.
  • Janitorial Duties:  Performs janitorial duties as needed and assigned, not limited to: cleaning windows, water fountains, bathrooms, interior walls, benches and planters, strollers and wheel chairs, floors, electrical and sprinkler rooms, vacant spaces, tables and chairs in food court and sidewalks, sweeps debris from roof as necessary to insure free flowing drainage on the roof
  • Grounds Maintenance: Performs as assigned
  • Performs other work as required by center management
  • Regular, predictable attendance
  • Ability to work in stressful environment with customers and tenants
  • Ability to work peacefully with co-workers
  • Punctuality

Education / Experience Requirements

  • High School education or better.
  • Physical strength and ability sufficient to perform routine or heavy manual tasks 
  • Ability to safely use standard maintenance equipment and hand tools 
  • Ability to learn repetitive tasks quickly. 

How to Apply

Apply at this link.