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Meat Cutter

Jobs Description

The Meat Cutter is responsible to keep store meat cases stocked and clean during  business house.  They are required to assist customers as needed and maintain a friendly , energetic, and demeanor.  This position requires adhering to all procedural guideline set by Meat Department. 

Areas of Responsibility

Stock Meat cases :includes  presentation of product, facing, filling, and organization of all product items as set by Meat Department schematics as well as ensuring tag and pricing accuracy.  Monitor the rotation of meat products for expiration.  Cuts, trays, and packages all meat and seafood for the day.

Ensure cleanliness of meat aisles, storage area, and work area for safety.  Maintain organization and rotate meat in cooler and freezer. Walk Department regularly to ensure an organized, sanitary, and overall clean appearance at all times.

Requires operating and using equipment such as knives, scales, wrappers, compactors, garbage disposals, pallet jacks nd hand trucks.

Participate in pre-inventory prep.

Other Duties as assigned.

Education / Experience Requirements

HS Diploma or equivalency degree.  Must have minimum 2 years professional experience. Preferred 2 - 3 years grocery retail experience in Meat Department processes and procedures. 

How to Apply

Apply at Lucky's Market website