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Bake Team Member

Jobs Description

Bake House Clerk is responsible for keeping all store bake House cases stocked and lean during business hours.  They are required to assist customers as needed and maintain a friendly energetic demeanor.  This position required adhering to all procedural guidelines set by the Food Service Department. 

Areas of Responsibility

Prepare various Bake house foods, using the appropriate ingredients and proper cooking times. 

Stock Bake house, included presentation of product.   Examine the rotation of Bake House Product expiration.  Receive , inspect, and log products for accuracy of shipment, temperature and quality.  

Respond positively to customer inquiries, and assist customers with purchases.

Ensure cleanliness of Bake House aisles, storage and work area for safety.

Requires operating and using equipment such as knives, scales, wrappers, pallet jacks and hand trucks.



Education / Experience Requirements

HS Diploma or equivalency.  r1-2 yrs grocery retail experience in Bake House department process and procedure.  Previous experience in natural foods industry a plus


How to Apply

Lucky's Market website