Mussel Mania

Willard Alternative High School brings you Mussel Mania, an informative public event about aquatic invasive species; specifically focused on SUPER-invasive zebra and quagga mussels. Did you know?? Mussel Mania fact - The Columbia watershed (that’s where we are) is the LAST major watershed in the U.S. without these nasty mussels. These tiny invaders multiply at staggering rates and become a huge problem. Major impacts include increased competition for native species (environmental) increased power costs (economic), increased boat maintenance (recreational), and shell-covered beaches (ouch!). There is no safe and effective way to remove them once introduced, so our best defense is PREVENTION MANIA!! Learn more about these mussels, and how you can prevent their introduction to the Columbia watershed! Stop by our display from May 13th to 24th, and come see us in person on May 19th from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. for watercraft inspection activities, coloring contests, displays, and meet Evil Queen Quagga!!